Chris Caldwell

Getting Involved

I am not camera shy! I speak to the issues and get to the solutions. It's time we moved from unsustainable and corrupt to health and education for all. I believe we must get rid of the 'first-past-the-post' system to a more democratic model of proportional representation.

Forward Together.

I believe in the Greens. I have met the people and know the integrity and sincerity this party has for our children and elders. Without taking care of our air, water and land we cannot hope for economic or social security.

Inspiring Others

Working with the community is the only way forward. To ensure we are on the path to affordability, a living wage and a healthy community, we must take back the policy making power together. As you representative, I will be active both on the Hill and in the community.


Chris has been a consistent advocate for sustainable urban planning and social justice. Watching the influx of high density development, Chris ran for local council in 2010 on a platform of community involvement in participatory budget and planning to ensure residents had a say in how their communities evolve. In 2018, Chris took the lead as the Green Party Provincial candidate to once again to push for health, education and affordability. Now, with so many concerned residents, Chris leads the Green party in Etobicoke Lakeshore as the Federal Candidate with priorities in declaring climate change as emergency, fighting for affordable living and creating sustainable and viable communities for supporting our families and small businesses.

Chris has a Master's degree in Environmental Studies from York University, a graduate diploma in Business and Environment, and a Master's degree from the University of Toronto in Adult Education. He currently works in facilitation, training, and development.

In his spare time, Chris loves to write! Chris has authored two books, the first is on leadership and corporate social responsibility 'Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness' and 'The Experience - A Guide to the Connection of a Lifetime'. Both are concerned with how we, as humans, develop our relationship with the natural world.

Chris is currently lives in Longbranch and was raised in Mimico and is proud to call lived Etobicoke home for more than 40 years.

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